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In the practice rooms at the MATAMAHA Hideaway in St. Leon-Rot, Jana Schmitt-Gau dedicates herself entirely to the needs of your skin and body as well as your personal well-being. The range of treatments includes cosmetic treatments as well as aesthetic medicine and the supply of valuable micronutrients and vitamins in the form of infusions. The various treatments are designed to be suitable for a wide range of indications. These include acne, scars and dermatitis, cell renewal and skin regeneration, anti-aging and deep hydration.

Jana is available with the entirety of her expertise for individual consultation and will develop a treatment plan suitable for your personal indication.

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Jana Schmitt-Gau has been working in complementary medicine for over a decade, has worked in various clinics and practices, and has hosted workshops and lectured at numerous international congresses such as IMCAS in Paris and AMWC in Monaco.

As part of MATAMAHA Treaments, Jana combines minimally invasive procedures with naturopathic practices. She thus brings together aesthetic medicine, phytotherapy and alternative medicine to create a particularly effective and sustainable treatment plan that takes equal account of people and the environment.

MATAMAHA Treatments Ampullen

facial treatments


This luxurious facial combines a highly effective biochemical peeling with botanical stem cells. Skin renewal is stimulated, dead skin cells are gently removed and the skin is nourished with concentrated active ingredients tailored to the skin type.

nutrition & micronutrients


Vitamin infusions can be individually tailored to the respective indication. After a detailed preliminary examination, the appropriate vitamins and minerals are selected to support the body in its natural metabolic processes.

MATAMAHA Treatments age-better

aesthetic medicine

Age better

Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to bind a lot of water. In addition, highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid stimulates cell growth and can be used very versatile, whether for the treatment of wrinkles, skin regeneration or volume building.

aesthetic medicine

Age better

Botulinum toxin inhibits the contraction of the muscles. This is particularly effective for treating expression lines such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow's feet. The injection relaxes the muscles and smoothes the overlying skin.

aesthetic medicine

Better Skin

Carboxy promotes blood circulation and lymphatic flow of the skin. This deep tissue stimulation ensures better absorption of nutrients and stimulates collagen production, promoting a rosy and firm complexion. Carboxy is also suitable for the treatment of the delicate eye area.

aesthetic medicine

Better Skin

Mesotherapy helps with wrinkles, cellulite or sun-damaged skin. A combination of highly concentrated active ingredients tailored to your needs is incorporated into the skin by microinjection and specifically supports the metabolic processes of the skin cells.

aesthetic medicine

Better Skin

The injection of a balanced complex of amino acids and hyaluronic acid actively stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes: tone and elasticity improve. Due to the hyaluronic acid, the skin regains structure, moisture and volume.

aesthetic medicine


Lipolysis Injection can be used to chemically dissolve superficial, localized fat deposits on the face and body. The active ingredient contained damages the cell membranes of the fat cells in such a way that they are permanently destroyed. The decomposed fat is then metabolized naturally by the body.