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The abundance of life, which surprises us daily with its twists and challenges, is an incomparable asset. MATAMAHA was developed from the desire and need to counteract the fast and noncommital pace of everyday life with something that has an effect not only in the short term, but in the long term: tranquility, rediscovering balance, consciously savoring foods and beverages as well as truly perceiving our surroundings. These core themes shape the MATAMAHA Experience - from the private suites over the treatments to our hosted events - as well as our products, the so-called MATAMAHA Spirit - from individual delicacies over interior design to skin care.

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creativity, compassion & curiosity


Jana Schmitt-Gau is the creative soul of MATAMAHA.

Jana Schmitt-Gau takes a comprehensive view of everything: as part of a bigger picture. Improving the lives of others - and making the world a little greener in the process - is in line with this deeply felt conviction. Her conviction, her extensive expertise in aesthetic medicine, and her comprehensive knowledge of phytotherapy with its medicinal herbs and herbal extracts, fit naturally into and help shape the world of MATAMAHA.

Jana Schmitt-Gau has been working in complementary medicine for over a decade, has worked in various clinics and practices, and has hosted workshops and lectured at numerous international congresses such as IMCAS in Paris and AMWC in Monaco. In her practice at the MATAMAHA Hideaway in St. Leon-Rot, Jana is available with her entire expertise for individual consultations and treatments.




MATAMAHA redefines luxury by putting people and nature at the center and into direct context. Luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive; rather, a conscious use of time, space and resources has a positive impact on ourselves and our environment. MATAMAHA was developed out of the aspiration to create highlights for the individual that provide for an enhancing interaction. In doing so, we strive for excellent quality and high individuality.

Having found this new form of luxury, that we call MATAMAHA, we begin our journey humbly, in the heart of the Rhine Valley in Baden, Germany, and eventually will draw our circles wider globally, as we connect with people and places all over the world - from Ibiza to Dubai to New York - and inspire them with our philosophy, the MATAMAHA Experience and the MATAMAHA Spirit.